Money Race Songtext


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Money Race Songtext
We lay down our well-being
To prove something that we ignore the cause
As if our existence
Was a race, a money race.

I'm sick of this ideology
You beguile us with all your shit
This false bliss is making Ozzy
Burned out and Britney depressed
But anyway, in the coming years
We will all discover that

We never get anything good of life if in peace
We don't try to evolve our mind
Maybe it sounds insane
This view is not lucrative enough here
So continue to laud your T.V.
Let's forget the reason you're here
Welcome to the World, Welcome!

Hey humans! I don't think that I'm here
To improve our technologies
To play the game and put my face
In a race, a money race

The real values, I mean real bliss
Deserted for a few mean bills
Are we o.k. to cut off life
Of a nation to get more fat