Life Isn't Fair Songtext

Noah Gold

von Adrift.

Life Isn't Fair Songtext
Last one
One take
Let's go, baby

They say that life isn't fair, yeah
That karma just isnt there, yeah
But I don't wanna lie, while writing between the lines
And acting like I don't care, yeah
They say the world is a prison, they said that when we were little
And back then we used to listen, we couldn't think any different
Years later we see it isn't the cage that we all envisioned
Found out it wasn't so distant, Neil Armstrong was on thе mission
Wanna spread the word but I ain't strong enough
Mom and dad arе saying I ain't home enough
Now the mirror saying "you ain't worth the love"
I'm a sinner living on the coldest bluff
I'm a diamond tryna get rid of the rough
I've been lying tryna get through all my stuff, yeah
All my moves are calculated, gotta make it count
Plus the people be dividing us, we gotta be more loud
Adding fire to the drought, the only way I'll make it out
So for now I'm never chilling, ain't no sitting on the couch
Ain't no weather that can stop me, imma run into the storm
Writing down all of my feelings 'till my mind is in my phone
Lost my innocense and pride but I'll never lose my soul
No, I'm not a middle child but I do look up to Cole, yeah
And I learned so much from others, don't focus too much on dollars
Don't go betraying your brothers, and never show your true colors
Unless it is to your mother, the climate is getting hotter
And everyday there's a slaughter, you gotta protect your daughter
Focus on yourself, bro, life is not a given
Someone told me once there ain't no better thing than living
You might spend it in the club, where you're drinkin' and you're sippin'
I like pussy on the counter, guess I'll spend it in the kitchen
Long as I don't spend it bitchin' bout I'm poor and oh he's rich and
Never do a single thing, I don't want sloth to be my sin
It never starts 'till you begin
Lot of mistakes, I can never take em back
Only thing I know, I'll never make em all again
Never think that nobody would care if it would end
Never think the motherfucking devil is a friend
I've been rhyming since I went to middle school with a bike
Grew up in the middle class , so I'd do what I like
But I want to go accomplish something meaningful in life
Want the name to last forever, only thing that doesnt die
I'm a very honest person only to myself I lie
Am I destined for the greatness, am I just another guy?
I dont know, I can only hope
Not everybody can make difference, alone were powerless
But at least we have to go and try it or we are cowards and
If you reach your hand and I grab it than thats what power is
Looking in your eyes is more beautiful than a flower is
She gave me back the love that I lost
I never even asked her the cost
She don't know how much she is worth
I know it's more than the whole earth
Even when my earth fell apart
She was there and found me all scarred
Loved my imperfections and flaws
Found my way when I was so lost
Imma share it 'cause I want you all to feel to same
If love is all we got there ain't no need for shame
Speak in images so much that you can see my brain
From the cells up to the spirit we are all the same

That's it, we're done
I said I was going to do it one take, and I'm too lazy to do it again
Love y'all (yeah)