Kiss Songtext
Clouds are pink, I didn't know a brain could shrink
from crashing into love so hard, it almost hurts
birds and bees making love to flowers and trees,
rainbows over waving seas, I got no words
I only want this feeling to go on

kiss, kiss, kiss
I never ever felt like this
I just go
oh….yeah yeah
oh baby, bang, bang, bang
you know that I´m your kind of man
and you go
oh….yeah yeah
and whenever people stop and stare
you are cool

endorphins are kicking in and so it seems
they shoot us to the moon and back
it sheer heart attack
so its right,
when singers fall in love at night
there are this super cheesy love songs, they write
I guess they mean it,
oh yes I mean it

kiss, kiss, kiss...

...'cause you don't care
as in the land, where milk and honey flow
there ain't no mountain high, no valley low enough to keep my love
from getting to you
from getting to you

I only want this feeling to go on
360 days of sun ….