I Wish Songtext
Walking down the road
waiting for your call
think about you all the time
think about the things that we have been through

will you still be mine
I'm longing for the time
when i see your face again
will i see your face again?
I don't want no compromise
it can only be you
oh how

I wish I could be yours
I wish you could be mine
but I don't know
how to cross this line
I wish that I could tell you
I haven't lost my faith
but I won't lie
I'm afraid to lose you
every time we say good bye

beeing on the road
is all I've ever known
now I want to go home again
can we we build a home agian

I don't want no fairy tale
I only want you
oh how

I wish…

good bye
these little words grew stronger
every time I made you cry
so good bye…

oh how
I wish…