Into Oblivion Songtext


von Dissentient

Into Oblivion Songtext
I have this dream where I’m in a field
Flowers and sunlight, a place so surreal
And I can see you standing just out of reach
And as I meet your embrace you always sink beneath

Molded conclusions, forged in our illusions
But when the mind’s still, there is no burden
The hour of my blood runs stale, I let go
Existence opens up its jaws, swallow me whole
At one with peace as I drift ever listlessly
In my dreams I can live for eternity
Can this be my illusion of denial?
I am forever dreaming
As I wilt with the wind my reflection is dying within
Longing to rid my body of decay, my blood runs cold
This grip around my neck tightens its hold

Dive into the gallows of perpetual blackness
Of all the love
Photos and memories, moments of ecstasy, losing my sanity

Now I refrain to the blackest oblivion
As I wither away, reality is haunting me
This body yearns to be free
Tilting on the verge of sanity my mind is but calamity
This world will be the death of me

I long to sleep
The clock is ticking
I’m losing hope
I’m at the end of my fucking rope
I’m too tired now with every breath I choke
Into oblivion
I will now float

Dances of this lucid dream are taunting me
Let the river take hold of me

My vision is all but dark as the melody warms my heart
And as my final breathe now leaves my chest
All I feel is weightlessness
And as the icy grip of death warms my soul
Colours and memories begin to flow
To dream forever is a dream in itself
Its fucking beautiful come see for yourself

All I know is you’re by my side and now I can breathe
For in a field of flowers I found blissful peace