Here I Stand Songtext

Solar Fake

von Broken Grid

Here I Stand Songtext
Stopping the clocks to watch you breathing
The world I know and understand radiates your smile
And here I stand, I try to put my arms around you
I can't forget the thoughts and words and the dreams we've had
And here I stand…

Do you know that I'm here, even if you can't look at me
I'll always live my life for you, to be by your side
And here I am to take you home across the borders
And I long to give you everything I have

And here I stand on the puzzle
Every step I take is destruction
Here I stand with these pictures, it's just my imagination
Here I stand in this cold room, with your hand so pale and lifeless
Here I stand, I'm waiting for a further proof of your will

We always thought the world would be too small for us
We overthrew the things we couldn't stand any more
Here I am now, I close my eyes as time has passed us by
And I remember all the thoughts and dreams we've had