Stigmata Rain Songtext

Solar Fake

von Broken Grid

Stigmata Rain Songtext
I try to stay so undetected, following you silently
Don't you notice me behind your back
I'm following in your tracks

Even if you're underwater
Gasping for the air to breathe
I'll be on your side to hold you down
You should have been aware

But your eyes believe in me
It's like always, every time
And you'd better not find me here in the dark
When the shadows rise again

And you will fight and scream in the stigmata rain
Stumble and fall, it's no use to complain
With my hands around your neck, finding passion to win
Dancing and laughing with you, where's the sin?
You try to hide, to resist the stigmata rain
Your escape plan will surely be in vain
Just don't talk to me, 'cause I hate to discuss
These damned questions of madness, frustration and lust

Waiting for the perfect moment
Nobody can observe us here
Awakened from our forced cold apathy in a raging scenery
If I could be understanding, I would give you one last chance
But it's so far beyond normality and familiarity

You seek, you hide, you cry for help
You stand, you fall, try to inhale
You talk, you ask just by despair
Don't tell me it's wrong, infamous, unfair