Happy Anniversary Songtext

Les Sampou

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Happy Anniversary Songtext
I watch you chase the parakeet escaping through the grass
pitifully flapping within inches of your grasp
Delivered from the sky, this ill-fated thing
huddles in a cage and mournfully sings

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary

Giving gifts that die is not a great idea
especially when our own demise is so very near
shuddering, it spread its wings--stiff in deathly flight
How can you abandon me on such a special night

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary

I know you meant to give your best
"It's the thought that counts"
What bigger line of bullshit was
ever spoke out loud
It's what I do to you everyday
that makes me want to fly...away

So bury it, my dear, it's what we do best
Brush the feathers from your mouth and I'll put on your favorite dress
We'll dance across the sky to Billy Holiday
"Smoke, drink, don't think", She used to say

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary