My Van Gogh Songtext

Les Sampou

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My Van Gogh Songtext
You slip away and don't touch me so I won't break
You whisper, "sleep now, you're just tired, it'll all be okay... "
I try to tell you that sleep won't help
When you're wishing you were someone, someone else
But now you're gone, running from my pain

All I really need is for you to hold me and wait
While confusion spends itself and the fever breaks
Words stampede from a wild fire burning a path higher and higher
Saving you for last: "I don't love you";
"There's no room";" "I don't believe in you... "
But, you're not listening, you don't want to hear what I say
You're busy twisting, twisting my words your way
It's too late for the chance to make love from pain

I guess I don't blame you, you might catch it if you come too near
You'd lose too much blood, my Van Gogh, to lend an ear
But it'd be perfect, if after I hurt you, you say
"I still love you no matter how you feel; your pain is my pain,
For at least today" and you don't run, you don't go away
From love and pain