Faith In Medication Songtext

The Armed

von Ultrapop

Faith In Medication Songtext
Before my blackout
She was the only one left
Wrapped in the shadows
Where only I could see her there

Open mouth
Blue eyes and blank stares
She was the only one who cared
A statue in a memory
That fades more each year
Little dots

Coins through a glass
Blood from the s tone
A cry through the void
Black out

My former actor
He was closest one I had
The sharpest reflection
He was the truеst glass
My own words

Blue eyes and fakе laughs
A few I think we even shared
Now faded in memory
He's getting smaller every day
Little dots
Drifting and floating and fading away
Less of me every year

There's a apart of me I hope you never see
It's brazen for the day

There's a part of me I hope you never
Have to come to understand