Real Folk Blues Songtext

The Armed

von Ultrapop

Real Folk Blues Songtext
Descend with force
On kamen rider
Please transform
Tear 'em to pieces

His sunrise smile
The king of acid house
Just stole your card
Cut him to pieces

Your strawman's in the streets
The long end of his course
Pander to tendless patrons
Washed up with no remorse

The strawman's in the streets
Gold-plated prying eyes

The strawman's in the streets
Misfortune alibi

I sent a spy
I like the way you grind when they show up
Got a good reason
You're stranding trial
You cut against the grain, but you don't share
I'm telling you, treason
Telling you, treason

It's burning through the skin
My likeness under clothes
Contouring every feature
Covered but so exposed

It's burning in the street's
Misfortunte alibi

When is the perfect time to die
I want to be unobtrusive