Face Me Songtext
I'm cold, but I'm awake
And fragments of my memory are randomly erased
Like the picture of your face

I tried not to forget
The anesthetic effect of time that passed by, constantly
And my head seems to explode

What else could I feel, but scorn?
My anger has become a silent thorn under the skin
Still waiting to break through

Face me, I'll chase you / I don't need a guide to your mind
Come, face me, I'll trace you back / our beauty we've left far behind
Come, face me, I'll chase you / to bury your light in myself
Come, face me, I'll trace you back someday, I'll trace you back anyway

But solitude remains
Your former shine became so dull, the mirror of a soul
I've found myself inside your heart

I'm cold, but I'm alive
And I tear aside the walls to find a way outside again
But I end up in the next maze

You never knew I was here, you've never seen me here fighting with your fears
And take the torment on myself in existing inside you, living inside you