Ebolic Regurgitation Songtext


von Foretold... Foreseen

Ebolic Regurgitation Songtext
[Words: James Parks II/Phil Holland]
[Music: Prophecy]

Ebolic regurgitation, feel your flesh rot exhilarate,
euphoric with life exuberant, not to despair obligatory
fate turning to fear obstruction of life, death is near.
Infectious disease fluids decay bodily functions rotting away
spastic defecation spawning the reek excrement of flesh forming the meek.
Ebulation, inner mutilation caused by extreme regurgitation
mutating organs exonerate existence.
Infernal attack of disease leaking fluids seals your demise confrontation
of death non-existence of flesh.
[SOLO (Boogie)]
Feel your flesh-rot away from the bone smell the stench of decay
see the skin-peel away- from inside.