Diggin' A Pit Songtext


von Foretold... Foreseen

Diggin' A Pit Songtext
[Words: Phil Holland/James Parks II]
[Music: Prophecy]

Fuck shit up in the pit red shirt,
black shirt-doesn't really matter Pit-Bulls,
Gravedigger-watch the pussies scatter united like brothers-together
in the pit y'all are the fucking' shit!!!
Moshing and skanking-thrashing all around get stupid
and on the ground you'll be found in the pit it's one for all-fuck you!!!
If one goes down-they pick each other up get stupid-they'll
fuck you up in the pit-that's the law. In the pit-people die!
Doug, Dirty and Terry,
Alvin, Lunchmoney, Rob,
Ralph, Joker, Earl, Jeff,
Hound and Ripper, Dopey, Sgt.
Carter, Sean, Jason Tony-These are the Pit-Bulls and Gravediggers.
Arms throwing-rage growing massive pit is overflowing
in the pit-no mercy-see all pussies losing limb-begin bleeding
on the floor they want no more.
Pit-Bulls, Gravedigger-in the death pit Gravedigger,
Pit-Bull-are fuckin' shit Gravedigger,
Pit-Bulls-moshing all around get stupid-and on the ground
you'll be found in the pit, there is a law,
all for one and one for all...
in the death pit Pit-Bull, Gravedigger, are the fuckin' shit.
Inner circle not to be crossed stalk a bro, you will be moshed.
They pledge allegiance to the grind supporting every note of death.
Because of Pit-Bulls and Gravediggers local scene has a breath.
Fuck shit up in the fuckin' pit...
in the pit-they're the shit!!!