Deadly Class Songtext
Yeah Laurenivich (Look! Down there!)
It's that Czarface shit
Murderous wordplay
My verbs slay
Ya heard me?
Yo, yo, let's go

More rings the Mario Elie rocking the Pelle
On Bond Street, ordering salmon only the belly
Peace to Toro, all my niggas wore 'lo
Fuckin' with raw blow, never go to war slow
Shit, I'm know for rocking silk collectibles
Hardcore gutter, my style straight out of vestibules
Now we at festivals throwing the crowd vegetables
Looking fly on stage grabbing my testicles
Four color camo, full clip don't need ammo
Shooting with a broken strap like a ripped sandal
Cop whips and crash ‘em, pop guns and blast ‘em
Make cracks and stash ‘em, come through and splash ‘em
Nigga acting wild is my style, it's all fashion
Non-biodegradable team, we all-lasting
Used to get home sick, now I'm getting sick of home
So I breeze OT, getting some different dome

I'm lights out sorta like closing time
I'll body your soul and leave you with an open mind
Skywalker with the force, call me Czar Fonz
Going and blowing from the start like car bombs
Rubber grips on the cordless, applaud this
Girls behaving badly, I call Lucy lawless I'm on it, broadcast live from Ground Zero
Culture savior, label the town hero
Yeah your boys lost from the coin toss
Know the slogan, can't beat ‘em better join force
In the ‘hood like shitty apartments
Hate me now on some Diddy and Nas shit
City of God shit, mobbin', fedoras and cigars lit
Face-czar, lock the block like a cal roarin'
You talk about green son, I'm Hal Jordan

I got money in my jeans, killer in my blood
With shit like this yo I kill it like I peel a slug
Rappers wanna feed off my buzz, I don't need all them hugs
You my dog right? eat off them rugs
I made Gs off a thug shit even though I'm a grown man
Walk around holding hand of my son shit
You can't spit that pun shit without having to punch shit
We run shit, murder with words not on some gun shit
I'm low down dirty and deceitful
Landlord kick me out the crib said his residence was evil
My face don't deserve to be sketched on an easel
It belongs on a mountain next to legendary people
I'm lethal, Czarface someone that the cops avoid
Been killing y'all since Nick Fury was a caucazoid
Mind's brilliant but it's twisted like the thoughts of Freud
'Lo'd out, kiss the canvas like you box with Floyd
I body rappers automatically
And leave ‘em deader than my iPhone battery

“Got to get to someplace where I can plug in my extension cord and recharge.”
“An electrical outlet. Can he find one in time?”