Nightcrawler Songtext
No need to adjust your system
This song call it Jack Herer, cause a hit strong
Fist pump, Rebel on the set make your bitch jump
Doubt me? Get in line, cause the list long
Scandalous tight Nixon
Mellow in your face, like the Knicks on
Dick long, gripped in the pits with my wits on
Low quick, short wick on a lip balm
Better strong any record Inspectah on
I transform to a beast, call me Predacon
Upper echelon, that can rap 'til he dead and gone
Was an ex-con, now I get my checks on
Now a nigga's alright, like I'm never wrong
Headstrong, stepping through a present-day Lebanon
Like Marvin, I get it on, Rebel gone set it off
Then I jet set where the weather's warm


Listen, I'm a visionary, killing this, I'm stealing this
Hang with a gang that's villainous
Building this from the ground up, turn the sound up
Launch a round, lay the beat down, like a Dillinger
The handgun, can't come close, I'm a phantom
Your brand ain't a movement and your jam ain't an anthem
Tantrum, crying bitch [?] your dying wish
I'm a genie, that'll grant that shit, I insist
Fly shit, shrunken little sweater, yeah we tighten it
Tight kicks, flow holy water, like Christ spit
Ice pick, swing that mother-fucker like a night stick
Prisoners, tie son up, that Iron Mike shit
Listeners, take a deep breath I mean I'm recessed
ES, mint issue one, you the re-press
Refresh your funny style, you should redress
Speak less, what's a Braveheart with a weak chest?

A knock-out blow, he's down for the count[x3]
Listen to this[x2]

I spit bomb, kill 'em softly with this song
Click strong, this ain't nothing like a chick song
Big John, in the shower with a big blonde
Switch on the power, little sour in the big bong
I'm big, homes, y'all ain't living 'til you live long
Big-boned honey, trying to keep me in the friend zone
I touch down, try and put it in her end-zone
Pimp on, then I dip on her, like I'm Jim Jones
Yes y'all heard the rest, who the best, y'all?
You slept off, I'm a threat, what you rep, dog?
Respect, dog, here's a bone: go and fetch, dog
Mr. Method, my favourite letter is "F", y'all(Ha!)
As I continue where we left off
Next off the list, another hater is checked off
Get lost you trick, check boss, or bet's off
More music and less talk, I'm talking about

I walk down the street people look at me and say, "Who the hell are you?", I'm just an average Joe

Dr Yorgo, the EQ on this will make Czarface's brain bleed. He'll become so enraged, he'll self destruct.(cackles)

Don't be so foolish, you oaf! I knew Suckface would be stupid enough to surface again

Sir, it's Czar and they love him, because he's a hero

Well, every hero needs a villain