Crosskeys Songtext
That dress looks so expensive
Have you worn it here before?
Don't you lie to me
I know your family
And saw those photos by the door

Someday we'll drown all the widows
Someday we'll crown all the whores
But you don't have to be
Either one for me, baby
To be the woman I adore

Suddenly I understand you
How a person like you thinks
There's too much clarity
It'd impair a man like me
I'd have to cloud it up with drink

Someday I'll sleep in the gutter
Someday I'll sleep in the yard
But you don't have to be
There beside of me, baby
When this life starts getting hard

Well, I'll buy you several copies of those magazines you like
I'll sit through a meal at Arby's without putting up a fight
But you'll promise me
Just one thing to me
You can't come back from the dead
Where we gonna hide the body?
Where we gonna stash the gun?