Plunge Songtext
On a recent plunge into a deep, dark sea
I came across a creature with a face like me
Staring through the window of the submarine
Well, it could've been the mirror and the LSD

My exposure to the students made me catch the disease
Pseudo-intellect became my new cup of new
Name me existentialists I have yet to read
We're a powerful and popular and terrible breed
Put us out of our collective misery, please

Crouched down under the table
And planning out a permanent scar
Tracing out the shape of a breakfast
And hoping I can borrow a car

You are the shadow of a favorite person
A lovely painting's frame
A fantastic way to spend a lousy day

Work that kid to a polish
Get him into a college
Make sure he skips some steps on the stair
We don't want him distracted on his way there

Late at night when my thoughts are burning
Swear to god that the word stops turning
Fall asleep if I weren't so certain
Everything on Earth would disappear