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Bossed Up Songtext
(Hol' On)
I shoot my shot and don’t miss shit (Huh, huh?)
I treat this hoe like a classroom
We just fuck her and dismiss, (Doggin)
She wanna fuck 'cause I'm up
But she can’t get nothin' but this dick, (On gang, gang)
My niggas really do drills
And be in the fields, Pick Six, (Go long)
Be honest, you not tryna rob
My young nigga slide, Saint Nick, (Skrr, skrr)
Treat a fuck nigga like art
Let's make a collage, and paint shit, (Rrrrrraaaaaahhhhh)
I hit the show with my hammer
I'm goin' bananas, ape shit, (Uh)
I want them to try and come take shit, (On gang)
Imma make sure his muhfuckin' face split, he dead (Gone, gone)

Came out the mud, I'm bossed up
I ran it up, now bitches be feelin' the youngin
I’m fresh when I walk up, (Walk up)
And I’m still in the hood, designer my fit
I walk in this bitch, I be sauced up

Niggas like domad, I ain't gotta say shit, niggas know that, (On gang)
My young niggas stainin’ and bangin'
Pull up get to aimin' and blow, where yo fro' at (Rrrrrraaaaahhhh)
And I hit yo’ Lil' thot, where the flow at?
I was clutchin' a Glock in a throwback, (On meeeee)
And I'm lit like a lighter
I'm in the trap with them snipers, I'm feelin' like Kodak
We can do anything, anywhere, behind that lou nigga
In the trenches, independent
Still bomb up in this like suits, nigga (Aye, gang)
Them niggas over there lookin' and shit (Hol' on)
And I'm like who nigga?
Get on the fuckin' ground, cause we finna shoot niggas!

Go to your city and pull out them bands
Right after the show, I'm fuckin' my fans (Ayeee)
We got more drums than a band
And I don't fuck with niggas like I'm in a Klan (Ayeee)
She eat the dick with no hands
Fo' grind, I got slime on top of my pants (Ayeee)
She tryna gimme a dance
Said you know what you doin' might give you a chance (Ayeee)
I'm everywhere like there's two of me
And I still got the stick, bought the Louis V
Couple bad bitches be boostin' me
What you on nigga, fuck what you used to be
Have my young nigga pop out and shoot for me
Is you ridin' nigga? What can you do for me?
See my niggas all do the foolery
So you niggas ain't trickin' or foolin' me
On gang, gang, hol' on

Yeah, niggas know how I run shit
Aye, Y'all niggas pass me the woods, I'm tryna roll up
In this bullshit