Straight Thru Songtext

Quin NFN

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Straight Thru Songtext
They be like Quin, why you never come back to the trenches
Cause bitch i dont gotta go back to the trenches
Go asks all the opps if i rap what im living
Shoebox full of knots, ima stack to the ceiling
Heard she wanna fuck me
Cause heard that a nigga ain't fucked up a sac in a minute
But these bitches know that lil Quin trynna fuck then he finish
On gang then its back to the spinach
Dick in her mouth like a dentist
Pop out, shoot his ass then we clappin and winning
In the field like a scrimmage
Dont come with no smoke, we gon wrap em lik christmas
On gang
All my young niggas with it, they told me Quit staining
Young nigga you gifted, aye aye
Imma box before i pop me a nigga
You not cause you niggas is bitches
Dont fuck with no text boy
This Glock what im holding
Get popped like a trojan, its not what you wanted
Piped your lil thot, hit the block then im on it
Moon rock got me floating, get shot for approaching
No time for a bitch, im just stack it and grow it
She know how it go, cause she know how im rolling
Goosing your bitch, got her hollering and moaning
Tee’d up in the cat, from the night to the morning
Ain't flexing, im pressing they know that i got it
Cp3 shit, lil bro strapped with a rocket
Ain't rapping for clout, bitch im profit
This feature ain't cheap, come and make a deposit
My bitch got a bag, like we coming from shopping
Fuck from the back, pull her hair while im poppin
Your bitch hanging, out like a wall with the stockings
Been applying that smoke, now they want me to stop it
Aye you the hoe, you the hoe police
Came up now the hoes gon freak
Ain't rubbing woods since some strong OG
Gassed up, and your hoe on eat
Bitch strapped, up velcro on me
Pull up on em with a roll on me
In all black, in a four door deep
Big Glock in the stolo seat
Pop em like a pill tell em dont OD (overdose)
On ten when im solo D
Play around like im down like a four-four speed
Broke hoes do the most, on me
You niggas (?) i swear yall dont beef
Yall niggas be oh so sweet
How you wanna be cuffed up with a nigga, and you fucked on my bro lowkey
These niggas hate it, you seen the look on they faces, when they seen a young nigga make it
But thas motivation, got on my shit to the fullest
Dont give me the chance, imma take it
No time for the waiting, my young niggas strapped like the haitians
Be quiet cause he still on probation, and im trynna chase it
The coup that we got, really came with no top, like the motherfucker naked