Bide My Time Songtext


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Bide My Time Songtext
Time, it is over.

Lie, do it sober.

Can't live it until i find it.

Won't take it if i can buy it.

Time, it is over.

It always leaves me way behind.

Stuck in the corners of my mind.

There isn't that much left to say.

My lips are sewn shut anyway.

Don't care to see another day.

I don't want to hide.

Oh, i'll just bide my time.

I've got enough denial, i don't need the world to find it.

It takes a lot to smile, i don't have the will to try it.

We're not together anymore,

i know, i've done it all before.

If anybody had it in them you'd just walk right out my door.

Smile, this is my way.