Lie To Everyone Songtext


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Lie To Everyone Songtext
This is such a game for you,

i don't think what you say is true.

I'm not here to waste my time,

i know that i will get what's mine.

Get away from me, i'm shaking, i can't breathe.

Leave me alone, i don't know what to believe.

To believe.

You want to slow down the pace,

i wanna smash you in the face.

Don't think i don't know by now,

everything comes around somehow.

Catch me where you can, i'm going on my way.

Screw around, but you can never make me stay.

You can touch me, i will be with someone new.

You ask me for reasons, but you know it's you.

I lie to everyone i see,

i smile and wave hello.

I'm hurtimg only me, but this is the only me i know.

I don't let on...i feel so wrong.

Almost can't pretend this is the end of me.