Assembled By Death Songtext


von Foretold... Foreseen

Assembled By Death Songtext
[Words: James Parks II]
[Music: Prophecy]

Implantation of death surgery with his thoughts,
evil soul embedded rot stench of time fouls his breath.
Lies within, intestines decay death support,
incision betrayed bloody cavity, bound by possession to release the unborn.
[SOLO (Boogie)]
Corrupted bowels, excrement bestowed demented blood embalming
the flow limb by limb, hate seeping fear punishment, the end is near.
Reigning death marched on the land persecution
by his own hand souls of innocence knelt before him enough blood
for the spreading.
Vengeance, call to him deep within dark world, can't you see evil breeds.
[2nd SOLO (Boogie)]
false prophet bound to his word devastation,
corrupting of souls corpse of humanity stricken
by rage to the assembly of death.