A Life So Wonderful Songtext

The Armed

von Ultrapop

A Life So Wonderful Songtext
We meditate on love
Born of forgotten whims
And tonight
We scratch those phantom limbs

We're born to forget
In a fountain of unoriginal sin
Paint me impressed

Addicted til’ we all got sober
We tried to find a place, start over
A body that keeps getting colder
A fame that's never getting closer

Friend and thief
Somehow you found peace in war
Replaced and violence and grief
With words for fools
With lizard beliefs
The sword is the pen
And nothing rеally matters

We medicatе with touch
We sing forgotten hymns
But my patience
Callused throughout the years
It feels like a sunset
But work never ends
Primakov, my friend
Here's what he said
I don’t even know
How to lose control of the narrative
I got to your head
Mine is a tender and loving vision of war
Because it's all conversation
Total fear of every single day
Looming ahead
You're never where
You have to be

But I don't scare anymore
I'm so over it