1500 Freestyle Songtext


von Dark Magic

1500 Freestyle Songtext
Met you in the summer
Talked all night 'til the sun up
I remember all the different colors
Green plate bumper
Realtree pants and a Ford, tough trucker
Dressing like I'm cutting down lumber, motherfucker
This is not a hobby
They know who I am when I walk up in the lobby
I been making money, ain't nobody gonna stop me
I'm just speaking facts, I ain't even being cocky

See you pay for this shit, I get paid for this shit
I was made for this shit and it's too damn easy
Nine on my hip and a mic in my fist
Got a garden in my crib, I'm a backwoods baby

Speakin' sweet, I know she like that
Blew a stack but she know I make it right back
All I did was rap about how much I wanna die and
Now I'm at the dealership debatin' what I wanna buy