Shadow Craft Songtext


von Dark Magic

Shadow Craft Songtext
Now that's what I call dark magic

This a robbery
Ain't no point in stoppin' me
I had to drop a tape 'cause nobody does it more properly, yo
On my property, breathin' some philosophy
Say anything you want but I promise that you can't bother me
3K for that closet that you livin' in
I got a pool and a pond, which one I'm dippin' in?
Dirt roads, stay away from the turnpikes
I got a lot of land and a track for the dirt bikes
Kickin' down the dough, I got a hatchet and a 45
Now it's go time, motherfucker, I got no time
Step in front the Reaper Ranch, I got you in the crosshair
You a city boy, motherfucker, you a nothing
He tried to call for help but ain't nobody hearin' you
Not a single soul around and I can see the fear in you
Can't call 9-1-1, somebody tell this motherfucker where the fuck I'm from

N to the O, T to the H, I to the N, N to the G
N to the O, W to the H, E to the R and the R to the E

Breaking news: The dark magic no longer has any competitors in this timeline. Going anywhere near the cult of the reaper is a dangerous game and is not recommended whatsoever. Stay safe