Ya-Ya Songtext
[Luni Coleone] Now come on everybody lets get fucked up Coleone in the party straight actin a nut I hit prospect roads and my homeboy zoe Club 69 duce keep drink real cold Feel me I see Coleone the pimp Cristal hell naw fuck watchin a bitch I hit the dance floor bustin like my cousin on wu Double teamin come heads trick I'm comin so coo I need a double shot of hen mixed up with one And if a bitch wanna drink pass her cris 6-1 Now I'm back on the flow with a cup in my hand This buzz if foe real thugs What it sound like, I'm sayin [Hook] Now come on everybody lets get fucked up The whole room sayin we high as fuck Ain't nobody on the ball y'all listen to me Everybody in the party say yeay yeay [Luni Coleone] Its a house party ain't no scrappin and cappin Strippers in this motherfucker as G's clappin Got my nigga so high he forgot his name But he keep a tight grip on his iced out chain Everybody in this bitch gettin drunk tonight Two hoes to one man and thats on my life Eatin pussy ain't cool boy watch yaself like Martin that's why I squash it with Madsen help I let a bitch know downtown ain't for me But I down a 5th of hen get off the hez Coleone the gangsta wit his cup on full At the party like yeay yeay ain't no bull [Hook] [Luni Coleone] We gettin fucked up party harty non-stop Hands raisin the roof nigga fuck the cops We gonna keep shit crackin til night hit don And I'm killin this 5th of hen like Jason wins his fawn I drunk than a motherfucker me and Jay-Live Ask my curly why I be drunk but live Drunk drivin, drunk rhymin, drunk fuckin a bitch Drunk nuttin, drunk cuttin, smashin off on a trick I pop my colla like killers pop fake ass niggaz Salt shakin on ya culley like my name ain't venom Coleone a drunk is a drunk does Higher than a motherfucker givin it up