All I Ever Wanted Songtext
First Verse: I see some stankin' booty hoes y'all, in the mall They all on my nuts, boy I'm tryin' to get 'em all Where my "Bitch-Be-Gone" spray? Fresh off the Blocc I'm tryin' to scoot and go that-a-way Hello! It's comedy, these hoes love fuckin' G I take a fat swig of that gin and give that ass a breeze Where all my mackin' ass nig-a-roes? Who never gave a fuck about a trap or a hoe? Fa sho my nigga! We keep it crackin' like bats in the all-black jags Two times for my nigga! And it stay like that! We twenty deep boy! Bringin' on the calvary! In the club, givin' them girls all they salary Chorus: All I ever wanted to do! Is fuck hoes and keep fresh clothes Hang with my folks and drink brew, I said All I ever wanted to do! Is keep a nine by my waist side Stay paid, and live the good life (2x) Second Verse: It's Coleone, nigga have no fears All up in your bitch like a Doctor doin' a pap smear I came to tell ya one thing young nigga! Bangin' a bitch, won't make your manhood bigger Rockin' this gold chain, fuck a diamond pinky ring! Talkin' that shit in the club, but your punk ass still came It's Coleone, bitch I thought you knew? Like every other muthafucka in my crew I'm pimpin' purses out hookers and still make my change Niggas want to get blessed in a real bad way Cut this fuckers grip, real L-I fe Coleone, a mack savage on a H-O-E Chorus Third Verse: You want me to wise up? Coleone a player Nikes and Levis, never sport gators Make a hoe, my [???] that's me! Shake 'em like my dick after I pee Got it goin' on y'all, in the club with dubs If you ballin' about your mail, throw your set on up Nothin' but hoes on my dick, got 'em poppin' like porn See a bitch up in the streets *BEEP* *BEEP* That's my horn I'ma macaframa gurgitatin' game so tough Keep a plug up on my steering wheel cuz hoes do fuck I wanted to get it, now I got it, livin' life carefree So when they scream Coleone, you know that's me Chorus (2x)