Unfinished Art Songtext

Amber Rubarth

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Unfinished Art Songtext
Bouncy ball lovers
exploding in colors as they
lean down over the pier
move like the tide
on an October night
and they laugh till they run out of air
the moon sets beneath the ocean line
watch it go down down as their emotions start to rise
far away sound of the waves
unchosen their strides

slowly they open, like arms that were folded
like eyes that woke up in the sun
cautious to feel, and anxious to heal this loneliness that had begun
she fell in the bed in his arms
they tumbled around
their heads lost beneath eachothers hearts
the walls were surrounded in unfinished art

They fit together like love on a letter
like tulips on a table for two
and on that same day as she left for Santa Fe
he said, "I'm rather crazy for you."
and he brushed down his hair to one side
and he went through the rounds of his knuckles popping from the left to the right
he took out his canvas and painted blue-green lines

oo oo oo...