Novacaine Songtext
He recognized the fracture line and asked, "How bad's the pain?"
I said "It's feeling worse than ever, can't you make it go away?"
He studied my heart up and down and said, "I've never seen one quite this bad.
I'll wrap it up if you want me to but I must be warning you.
A splint won't stick, a cast won't last, a band-aid will come unglued.
The only way to heal your heart is keeping loving 'til one loves you."

Oooh, the doctor said, "It's true. Now get better soon."
Well, I knew that I couldn't wait and he'd walked out the door.
So I grabbed the Novacaine and some pills from his drawer.
And when I got home I held my heart and bandaged all those ugly scars.
I numbed the pain and popped the pills until my heart went still.
And life just passed by every day like every day before.
I felt no love, I felt no pain, I played my part and nothing more.

Oooh, the doctor said it's true.
Get better soon.
I couldn't stand the pain.
I couldn't stand the pain.
I couldn't stand the pain, so I washed it away.
I couldn't stand the pain.

I ran into the Doc last weekend at the grocery super store.
He asked me, "How's it feeling?" and I said "It's barely sore."
But he saw my eyes so dark and blank, and that practiced smile on my face.
He said, "There's one more thing to do and I think it might cure you.
Write down every single way you loved the one that you knew.
Then love yourself in that same way and in no time you'll be brand new."

Oooh, the doctor said it's true.
Now get better soon.
Get better soon.
Get better soon.
The doctor said today it can all go away, now get better soon.