Tip Toe Songtext
Tiptoe through the window
By the window, that is where I'll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me‚ oh

Tiptoe in your fuckin' crib (Tiptoe)
And then steal the shit while you sleepin' (Tiptoe)
I might smoke a blunt in your living room (Through the window)
Yeah‚ you know that Ima be cheatin' (Tiptoe‚ oh)
I'm high as fuck, now I'm just geekin' (Tiptoe)
I've smoked so much that I can't even see shit (Tiptoe)
I might pass out on your couch and just sleep in your house (Through the window)
For the rest of the moth' fuckin' weekend (Tip-Tiptoe, oh)
Okay‚ like thirty bands in my pocket (Tiptoe)
Blow a bag, then I hop in the moshpit (Tiptoe)
Why you hatin', boy? You need to stop it (Through the window)
'Cause I'm takin' off like a moth' fuckin' rocket (Tip-Tiptoe‚ oh)
I do all this shit for the fans, don't care about bands (Tiptoe)
I just wanna make some good music (Tiptoe)
But people just keep talkin' shit, complainin', they bitch (Through the window)
I think that I know why they do it (Tiptoe, oh)
It's 'cause I got clout, 'cause I got racks
'Cause I got bitches who throwin' it back (Oh)
They see what I got, and it makes 'em mad (Tiptoe)
So they go online and just say that I'm whack (Tiptoe, oh)
I know that they think I'm a joke, I'm still gonna blow (Tiptoe)
Even if my shit is funny (Tiptoe)
For now I'll just go to the chorus, remind all you whores (Through the window)
Why you aren't even in the running (Tiptoe, oh)

I just fucked your main bitch
Ima make it, just wait and see
Yeah, I know why they hatin' on me
Ey, ey, ey, ey

I got at least ten grand on my credit card (Tiptoe)
Your girl comin' over, we play Mario Kart (Tiptoe)
I tipped her through my kitchen, it was 3 AM (Through the window)
Dropped the family glass cookie jar (Tiptoe, oh)
Steady flexin' on my copper Mercedes (Tiptoe)
Switchin' lanes while I'm doin' 180° (Tiptoe)
One-Up on ya, I might snatch up your lady (Through the window)
Pass it to my rose, call me Tom Brady (Tiptoe, oh)
Hey, but I ain't talkin' bout no patriots (Tiptoe)
Blowin' up, yeah we makin' hits (Tiptoe)
Got the Glock with the beams strapped on (Through the window)
Coincidin' with the icy wrist (Tiptoe, oh)
I do things that you wish you could (Tiptoe)
Yeah, it's probably on your bucket list (Tiptoe)
Ten toes down strapped up with Yung Nugget (Through the window)
You know that we makin' tips (Tiptoe, oh)
Ey, switch up the flow (Tiptoe)
Where is the squad? Yeah, where did they go? (Tiptoe)
When you on roids, call you can say co (Through the window)
Warm up on me, I told the drinko (Tiptoe, oh)
But I still don't do the drinko, (Tiptoe)
Because I'm white (Through the window)
(Tiptoe, oh)

Ey, ey, ey
I just fucked your main bitch
Ima make it, just wait and see
Yeah, I know why they hatin' on me