Clowns Songtext
Bitch you a clown you belong in the circus
Please just stop rapping your music is worthless
You tryna flex and act like you up next but your clout is all fake we can tell that its purchased
You think that you’re hard but all your shit is trash
You rap about trapping and smoking on gas
That shits not impressive boy you need some lessons so sit the fuck down lemme take you to class
These hoes mad i don’t care
You got fake titties and fake hair
When i walk in they all stare
Cause I’m going dumb like I’m impaired
I dont know why they all upset
Just get of yo ass and start chasing a check
These hoes broke they sell pics of their breasts
But they ain't paying taxes call the irs

God damn shut the fuck up
If you want a verse then bitch you out of luck
Your shit is too weak and you can’t even rap
So if you want a feature then i need a bag
Don’t get me started on all of these phonies
Say that were bros when you when you know we ain't homies
How you gon shit on me behind me back and then come ask for help when you don’t even know
You bitches is clowns I’m smoking my weed by the pound
I think that I’m running the town
Im blowing up fast
You say you got all of this money but it ain't nowhere to be found
Boy you such a simp
You act like you got all the hoes
But no one believes you’re a pimp
You just told that hoe that you love her now I’m bout fuck her so hard that she walk with a limp