The Midnight Frogs Songtext

The Contra Band

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The Midnight Frogs Songtext
Oh yesterday
She went away
And I havent seen her since.
Lord knows how far she could be,
after jumping our white picket fence

The silhouetted trees
Carry away my disease
And make me want to cry.
Lord knows i can do anything,
If only I would try.

And the dirt road
Was paved yesterday.
And then i broke the code,
And my life withered away.

Oh the midnight frogs
And the neighbors dogs
Are my soundtrack for the night.
The sun is hours away
and I havent the strength for a fight

Oh why cant I be like paul?
And be blinded by what he saw?
And know what im supposed to do.
Theres a new moon tonight
And i forgot to say I love you.

but the night will carry on
dragging you and i to oblivion