Nobody Knows But Me Songtext

The Contra Band

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Nobody Knows But Me Songtext
tell someone i'm sorry
so nobody has to change.
walked a mile in the pitched black rain
so i could feel the same as you do.
left my home and i left my mind,
nothing to lose and nobody left behind.
and i'm saying goodbye
to days when i'm lost in words
that nobody's ever heard
that nobody knows but me

ride alone on the interstate
and live my life on the radio.
sell my soul to a bottle of gin
and a girl that's the devil of a natural sin.
my frame of mind is on a 747,
i know you love me, but i love you more.
so i'm saying goodbye
to wonders i used to know
and places i used to go
that nobody knows but me
that nobody cares to see
nobody knows but me

so i'm saying goodbye
i'm saying goodbye to you
saying goodbye to you
and nobody knows but me.