The Ferryman Songtext
The FerrymanAll the little boats are goneFrom the breast of Anna LiffeyAnd the ferrymen are stranded on the quayThe Dublin docks are dyingAnd a way of life is goneAnd Molly it was part of you and meWhere the strawberry bedsSweep down to the LiffeyYou´ll kiss away the worries from my browI love you well todayAnd I´ll love you more tomorrowIf you ever loved me Molly love me now´Twas the only job I knewIt was hard but never lonelyThe Liffey Ferry made a man of meNow it´s gone without a whisperForgotten even nowSure it´s over Molly over can´t you seeWell now I spin my yarnsAnd spend my days in talkingI hear them whisper Charley´s on the doleBut Molly we´re still livingAnd Darling we´re still youngAnd the river never ruled my heart or soul