Botany Bay Songtext
Botany BayMe name is Pat O´LearyI´m a navvy lad from CorkMe boss he is a bastardI´m sic kof his piece-workI´ll sail to dear Australiato the fucking Olympic GamesSo that´s my fate I´m going to emigrateto the shores of Botany BayI´m on my way down to the quaywhere the ship at anchor laysTo command a gang of navviesthey told me to engageI though I´d drop in for a drinkbefore I sail awayFor to take a trip on an emigrant shipto the shores of Botany BayThe boss came up this morninghe says "Well Pat, helloIf you don´t get your navvies outI´m afraid you´ll have to go"So I asked him for me vagesand I demanded all me payFor I told him straight I´m going to emigrateto the shores of Botany BayAnd when I reach AustraliaI´ll go and I look for goldThere´s plenty there for digging offor so I have been toldOr else I go back to me tradeand a hundred bricks I layBecause I live for an eight-hour-shifton the shores of Botany BayFarewell to your bricks and mortarfarewell to your dirty liesFarewell to your gangway and your gangplanksand to hell with your overtimeFor the good ship Ragamuffinshe´s lying at the QuayTo take oul´ Pat with the shovel on his backto the shores of Botany Bay