Relying On A Respirator Songtext

The Cast Before The Break

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Relying On A Respirator Songtext
Eulogies sing remarkable praise
My mother can't recognize what's safe beneath this vacant face
I see heaven but it's out of my reach
Floating between the earth and glorified tranquility

How I wish that I could breathe on my own
Machines watch closely over numbers that remain too low
I see hell comin' but it's just not strange enough for me
Reminds me of homes - four walls and futile possibilities
Why am I dead or why am I sleeping?

I spoke to Jesus and he told me where I'll be when I die
The sky would cave in but it's never looked so bright in my mind
I start to breathe, open my eyes
One taste of oxygen can drive a man insane before long
One flaw of character is deciding when and where to go wrong
I pull the plug and you are gone