A Series of Rooms Songtext
I'm all out of reasons to run
This science has proven itself, with all it knows
My body's a mausoleum, designed for yours

I'm all out of roads here to roam
We've buried ourselves by hand, beneath the sun
The soil replaces us all after we go

I'm all out of reasons to love
A lie that you tell yourself to pass the time
But our lies draw themselves in sand, for all we know

It's a shame we all can see
The eyes in coffins never weep
And in my head I can't ever leave
But God, I see it like it is
The walls relate to all my sins
And even dogs take a bow sometimes
And I can feel it in my blood
The sea we swim beneath my chest
A wretched womb to woo us all
But I feel alright
A tidal wave, the ocean floor
All as one inside this room
Inside my head I feel alright
A hollow shell, a hollow shell
And I feel alright
A single cell, a single cell
By God I live my life (and I live it well)
It's all I have, It's all I have
And I sleep just fine
A hollow shell beneath it all.

In time we'll be next to strangers, beneath the dirt.