On The One Road Songtext
On The One RoadThough we´ve had our troubles now and thenNow´s the time to make them up againSure aren´t we all Irish anyhowNow´s the time to get together, now!Tinker, tailor, every mother´s sonButcher, baker, shouldering his gunRich man, poor man, every man in lineAll together now like auld lang syneThe night is darkest just before the dawnFrom dissension Ireland is rebornSoon we´ll al united IrishmenMake our land a nation once againWe´re on the one raod sharing the one loadWe´re on the road to God knows whereWe´re on the one road, it maybe the wrong roadBut we´re together now who caresNorth men, south men, comrades allDublin, Belfast, Cork and DonegalWe´re on the one road, swingin´ alongSingin´ a soldiers song