Bridget O'Malley Songtext
Bridget O´MalleyOh Bridget O´Malleyyou´ve left my heart shakenWith a hopeless desolationI´d have you to knowIt´s the wonders of admirationyour quiet face has takenAnd your beauty will haunt mewherever I goThe white moon above the pale sandsthe pale stars above the thorn treeAre cold beside my darlingbut no purer than sheI gaze upon the cold moontill the stars drown in the warm seasAnd the bright eyes of my darlingare never on meMy Sunday it is wearymy Sunday it is grey nowMy heart is a cold thingmy heart is a stoneAll joy is dead within memy life has gone away nowFor another has takenMy love for his own.The day is approahcingwhen we were to be marriedAnd it´s rather I would diethan live only to grieveOh, meet me, My Darlinge´er the sun sets o´er the barleyAnd I´ll meet you thereon the road to Drumslieve