Crooked Jack Songtext
Come Irishmen both young and sternWith adventure in your soulThere are better ways to spend your daysThan in working down a holeI was tall and true, all of 6 foot 2But they broke me across the backBy a name I'm known and it's not my ownFor they call me Crooked JackThe ganger's blue-eyed pet was IBig Jack could do no wrongAnd the reason simply was becauseI could work hard hours and longI've seen men old before their timeTheir faces drawn and grayI never thought so soon would mineBe lined the self same awyI've cursed the day that I went awayTo work on the hydro damsFor sweat and tears or hopes and fearsBound up in shuttering jamsThey say that honest toil is goodFor the spirit and the soulBut believe me boys it's for sweat and bloodThat they want you down a hole