Nisayon Songtext
Lyrics: Leah Goldberg
Music: Achinoam Nini

Lecha nishba'ati, El elion,
Velo eda ha'akayem:
Eich a'amod banisayon
Nisyon ha'osher hashalem.

Eichah tachil eyni haor ?
Yaday rafot, yaday hozot --
Eychah esa velo eshbor
Simchah kazot, brachah kazot ?

Mikoved ol eich lo epol,
Eich lefaneicha etyatsev,
Zkufah, gdolah, noset be'ol
Shel osher enoshi shalev.

I swore to you, oh Lord
But unsure of my ploy...
How can I bear the burden
Of a perfect joy?

Can my eyes contain the light?
I'm delirious and weak
How to keep from shattering
The happiness that all men seek?
How can I keep my feet on board
'neath a weight as great as this?
I want to stand up tall, oh Lord
And bear the yolk of perfect bliss