Pines Songtext
Lyrics: Leah Goldberg
Music: Achinoam Nini (Noa)

Kan lo eshma et kol hakukiyah.
Kan lo yachbosh haets mitsnefet sheleg,
Aval betsel ha'oranim ha'eleh
Kol yalduti shekamah litchiyah.

Tsiltsul hamechatim: hayoh hayah ---,
Ekra moledet lemerchav-hasheleg,
Lekerach yerakrak kovel hapeleg,
Lilshon hashir be'erets nochriyah.

Ulai rak tsiporei-masa yod'ot -
Kshehen tluyot bein erets veshamaim -
Et zeh hake'ev shel shtei hamoladot.

Itchem ani nishtalti paamaim,
Itchem ani tsamachti, oranim,
Veshorashai bishnei nofim shonim

Here I will never hear the blue-jay's song elated
Here a tree with wig of snow I will not find
But in the shade of all these solitary pines
All my childhood, reincarnated

The tingling of the needles is gone
Homeland I will call, a snowy distant dream
Greenish frost and ice enclose a mountain stream
A stranger's land, a foreign tongue in song

I remember those snow-capped mountains
And a song on F.M.93
Oh my darling, I have grown with you
But my roots on both sides of the sea

Perhaps only the migrating birds can ever know
As they're suspended beween the heavens and
The earth below
The pain I feel as I am torn

I have been planted and replanted with the pines,
And it is with them I have grown
But still my roots spread over-seas
In a dichotomy of home