My Mind In Mordor Songtext


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My Mind In Mordor Songtext
Now I´m bleeding in this cold
Dying winter, Madness lives
In the halls of my thoughts

Other season´s passing
While I start my quest
To the woods of time beyond
My memories

But Sauron´s calling
And I´m falling
In this line of no return

I can hear the song of never
In never ending past
I take refuge while my own hell comes
In echoes of my Soul

Who´s the king that never comes
While I stand still alone
And tunes of Madness sing my name?

Who´s the elf into my mind
That whispers me these rhymes
About my inner Mordor Land?

I spread my wings to fly – Forever
Beyond the realms of time – In never
My songs of kings and pride
Hide my secret mind in twisted memories

Sometimes I feel my mind – so black and hard
Then I can see the Eye – Burning in my side
As echoes of fears that I hide
In a land of melodies