Another Tale Songtext


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Another Tale Songtext
Men: just dark and silence
Another dream is died
The Eldar cries for my destiny
Still I reach out for the Gates but I don't know if I
still believe
Cause all were gone
Elv: Take my hand my friend
Men: i captured inside this real land
Elv: from secret realms I came to wash the silence
If you dream and believe so we'll are live
Cause I walk in the dark and I cry for your tears
Now and beyond, come with me
Take my hand my friend
Men: your light will take me to home
Men and Elv: and we'll be another tale in this mystic
To feel it just close your eye
And fly with your dreams to our land
We'll be a little song by the bards and men
Lost in a while
Somewhere in Insanity (Ruins of reality)
In your mind