Life on the Run Songtext

Karl Kling

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Life on the Run Songtext
On the run you might find
They are different than you and I.
Heavy eyes, deeper thoughts,
Greater distances to walk
Where sinners don't claim to be
And for you they feel pity.

Where tortured souls walk the earth
And we are children giving birth
To a thought, an idea-
We're just one turn of the wheel
In the night its begun
Aren't you glad you're leaving home?

This is life on the run.

Get away while you're young
Learn what it means to be from
All the towns where they go numb
And bless the days no changes come.
Fall asleep just to dream
But you could make it out with me
If you're ready.

This is life on the run,
Take me in or lead me on.
For the love of something real,
Forward motion with the wheel.
In the night thy will be done.
Every sinner knows the sun.

This is life on the run.