Figurehead Songtext

Karl Kling

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Figurehead Songtext
I met you in a future-tense
While I was on the run
From all that binds me to the past
What presently is numb

I found you in my penmanship
And set sail for the sun
And swallowed down the alphabet
To fuel my journey home
And I'm still sailing on

I met you in a passing glance
That failed to recognize
A truth that only time would tell
Verses within eyes

I kissed away the stoic stare
That left you paralyzed
To take on all that I could bare
Flooding from your mind

The sea I'm sailing on
I met you in a waking dream
Did you become the guide?
In the night you take the helm
And show me that you're wise

Braving storms until they break
Remaining pacified
Steering me from siren shores
And settling with the tide

Keeps me sailing on