Kings And Cretins Songtext

Under The Influence

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Kings And Cretins Songtext
It's the same shit,
Same story almost everyday,
All trapped here by each other,
All to hidden afraid,
No one leaves here,
No one gets out alive,
Your tracks will be traced,
No hope if you want to survive,
For years and years,
No one has ever risen against,
This ignorant democracy,
they like this side of the fence,
Trust me,
The grass is greener on the other side,
Take no offence,
I've been there,
You'll never know what it's like.

Let's bring this whole town to its knees.

I've had enough of this town,
Trying to bring us all down,
No-one will make it,
No-one will ever make it out alive.

I gave this town,
The best 10 years of my life,
It hates me for it and,
It hates me to have ambition and try,
People round here,
Are so vindictive and spiteful,
It's not a knife in your back,
It's in your face with a rifle,
Years of suffering has taught me many lessons,
Trust no one for nothing,
Not even your closest best friends,
They want to see you,
Crash, burn, fail and fall,
To these narrow minded simpletons,
Fuck you all