Starting Point Songtext
See here's the short story about four brothers,
Given the worst situation in their life jealousy really hurts,
They respect everyone and won't say hurtful words,
But the haters won't be happy until their in a hearse,
Their dreams are locked away, deep inside the cabinet,
But if the cretins won't allow then no one else is having it,
Years of back stabbing and hate from the king's of Lynn,
Has taught the brothers many lessons, grown them thicker skin,
Brothers come and go and every time they face a challenge,
Their life is hard enough without you saying the've got backing,
They're just four, normal, average, humble guys,
Trying to carve a path through this music enterprise,
They don't care what you say, and nothings going to change it,
They've had this all their life, and now they have learnt how to take it,
Getting stabbed in the back means they're two steps ahead,
Can you really believe the lies the haters said?
Acknowledging that these haters, they will never change,
They are just your under average people with the jealous ways,
With nothing in their life, but filled with hate,
We hope they realise it before it's not to late.