Jumbled Songtext
In my head so many thoughts.
Words I can't say,
Things I can't express,
Topics I can't analyze.
No way to bring them out
I tried luring It out with bait,
Nothing bit.

I can't rhyme, sing, or think straight.
I have nothing to organize my thoughts.
I need a palm pilot in my mind,
Just so I can schedule time for me.
I have nothing to spell my words with,
I need a lifetime dictionary.
It's like a word find,
You just can't find that last one.

I have nothing to demystify the topics
And lost ideas that have empty meanings.
Somehow the great epiphanies get slaughtered within me.


My hopes, my dreams, my happiness.
I've displaced sight on these.
I need to grasp It,
Hold on to It,
While I still can.
Before Its gone for good. . .